Monday, February 06, 2006

I Pity the Flu! (ArmchairCook Succombs)

It started as a nagging cough on Thursday, then on Friday I went down with a high fever, muscle aches and just generally feeling like I was hit by a bus. That's right folks, I have the flu.

Sporadic, my ass.

Much like Sandra Lee's cooking, I'm feeling pretty half-baked right now*. I keep having fever dreams/delusions and I can even read correctly. I thought this headline:

Was "Bush aims to tame deficits with domestic cats". I was like, man, that's not going to work. There's NOTHING more apathetic than a house cat!

Good lord, it took me 45 minutes to post this**. Time to go back to bed. I hope to be back to our regularly scheduled posting later this week. Take care, and remember to wash your hands and stay away from people like me!

*Thinking about food - not just Sandra's - makes me nauseous. I haven't eaten anything other than saltines or bananas since Thursday afternoon.

** Ended up being an hour after all was said and done.


whoorl said...

I'm so sorry...I feel your pain.

Look at the bright side, though. At least you're not pregnant and can actually take medicine unlike yours truly. :(

vjchang said...

From the land of lots of little kids with coodies...

feel better!!!