Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Food Network Tidbits: Welcome to 2006

First off, I hope everyone had a great holiday season! Mine was hectic but a lot of fun - good food and good friends.

Next, I'd like to welcome everyone from the following sites: Something So Clever, Kitchen Mage, Cooking with Amy, Zen Foodism and Red-State.com.

Here are a few Food Network-related items that will get us through the post-holiday funk:

  • A funny Sandra Lee - Bell Biv Devoe mashup (MP3 format).
  • Rachael Ray is Not God: wherein our hero meets Rachael Ray in person and then gets fired for blogging about it.
  • Food Network's Top Ten Recipes of 2005: I'm not sure what they based this list on, but the score looks like this: Giada 1, Alton 1, Paula 8. As much as I hate to say it, I think Paula Deen is going to be the Rachael Ray of 2006, at least as far as overexposure goes. Let's hope our gal handles it with grace and decorum.
Finally, I made Giada's Macaroni and Cheese over the holiday and it was one of the best dishes I've ever made1. I served it with french bread and a side salad and it was divine.

I recently discovered a fun pastime that I'll share with you later in the week. All I can say is: Sandra Lee is the gift that keeps on giving!

1Please note that the recipe on the website is incorrect: use 2 TBSP of flour instead of the 1 TBSP listed or else your mac and cheese will be runny. No one likes runny mac and cheese. Also, what is up with Giada's picture on Foodnetwork.com's recipes? Looks like her hairline starts about 6 inches above her eyebrows.


books said...

That mp3 was hysterical. Thanks for the links. Glad you are back. LOVE your blog.

kitchenmage said...

hey, thanks for the mention... must go check out the mp3...

BNA said...

I've had the same thought when seeing Giada's picture. Really quite an odd selection.

Love your blog.

Armchair Cook said...

books - Glad you enjoyed the MP3!

kitchenmage - You're quite welcome!

bna - I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed her weird photo!

parismom said...

I always find myself just staring at Giada's head and trying to understand why it's so big. Is her body just really small or is her skull really that large? I think the photo is not complimenting.

From the side, she's not that odd but a view from the front of her face makes her noggin more gigantic, her mouth HUGE and her teeth over abundant. My mom saw this show about her when she was growing up and said she had horrible teeth. She showed a picture of her in her teens. Then she got them all capped so I guess she makes her smile really big on purpose to show off the new choppers.
Her recipes are great though, and I've tried many. I just have to get over my confusion over her mouth and head.

The Muse said...

I think Giada's biggest problem with that picture is that she's not wearing her traditional cleavage-baring v-neck top. We're not used to seeing her so... modest.

Armchair Cook said...

parismom: Oooh, I want to find an old picture of Giada! I do agree with you about her recipes - I think they are some of the best on Food Network.

themuse: Maybe that's why it's weird to me - I recognize her cleavage more than her face!