Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Food Network Tidbits: the Iron Chef Superbowl

A few days ago commenter vjchang wrote of a possible Sandra Lee sighting. Was it her? Could she have been in Park City for pre-Sundance festivities? We may never know, but heavy drinking skinny middle aged blondes are always entertaining!

Check out 2006 predictions from some well-known chefs, including Flay, Rachael Ray and Batali. I must say Rachael Ray's predictions sound like something an 8 year old would request of mother: more pasta, more bread, more burgers stoups and stews. And can I stay up till 10:00 this year?

Jake Gyllenhaal's next role? A busboy on Molto Mario. This is the second weirdest thing I've heard today.

And now, for the Iron Chef event of the season:

In the red corner:

In the blue corner:

My money is on Flay/de Laurentiiiiiiiis. If you look beyong Giada's teeth and cleavage, she's a pretty good cook. Flay's an ass but he has skillz. Mario's going to have to do all the heavy lifting while Rachael is bouncing off the walls and insulting his technique. Besides, it's against my religion to support anyone who wears Crocs:

Added January 19th, 2006:

As if we needed further proof that Rachael Ray is Entertainment Tonight's "it" girl, they posted this story on their website. Be sure to check out the video for Rachael Ray's raspy ruminations.
"It was so intense!" Rachael tells ET. "That hour felt 30 times faster than my 30-minute meals. It went by so fast!"

"I was really nervous; I'm not a chef," says Rachael. "I don't belong on 'Iron Chef.' To be asked was honor enough, but I really didn't want to do it. Then I thought about it and I said, 'You're so frightened of that show, why don't you give it a shot. Food's food; so, you can't do fancy; you can do tasty!'"


andrea said...

The apocalypse must be near. Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to put Rachael Ray on Iron Chef???

books said...

RR on Iron Chef sounds like an oxymoron! This one I gotta see. Thank goodness for TiVo.

BNA said...

Well now, I have a soft spot for Mario, but I think you've called the match correctly. Wow. Going to be interesting.

Cori said...

I really like Mario. I don't watch his show often, but I like him on Iron chef. Rachael Ray shouldn't be on Iron Chef alone, but I can see why they'd want her on it to boost ratings etc. since so many viewers seem to like her I gueeeeeeeesss.

Saying that, I actually think Mario and Rachael may beat the other team. I think they are just better people in general, and both Giada and Bobby seem extremely full of themselves and may think they are just too great to be beat by lil' old Rachael.

Rachael will probably serve as Mario's "sous chef" rather than really creating the dishes themselves I'm sure. I bet she'd be fine at taking directions etc.

I want Mario to win. Flay is pompous...and I'm watching him right now, he doesn't like anyone else talk, ever!

aaahh I'm typing too much.

Joaquín said...
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Joaquín said...

Iron Chef Doping Scandal on the horizon?

Shouldn't Rachael Ray be disqualified for her blatant use of crystal meth.

She reminds me of Elizabeth Berkley hyped up on caffeine pills in the Saved By the Bell anti-drug episode. "I'm sooo excited and I just can't hide it! I'm so... scared!"

Dee said...

Rachel Ray is awesome, love her vivacity and warm, welcoming personality - she cooks like a REAL PERSON and feels like family. What's not to like??

Anonymous said...

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