Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday Frozen Dinner: Giada de Laurentiis

Happy Friday!

Today's Friday Frozen Dinner features Little Big Head herself, Giadada de Laurentiiiiiiis:

My cat gets this look after getting into the catnip.

What kind of maniacal plot is she hatching? (And is that Penelope Cruz?)

My face hurts just looking at this.

That bread is about to be used as a weapon.

I'm just waiting for the top of her head to pop off.

It's not Everyday Italian without a little Everyday Cleavage.

"I'm having fish tonight."


Wednesday said...

Oh Lord that picture of Giada and the 2 drawings was too funny! And it's funny that you mention something about the cleavage. I just noticed this weekend how they tend to kind of zoom in on her. Well, it or them or whatever.

yoshio said...

I surfed over from Hawaii Threads and love your Giada post! Yes, her head is huge and there is that "everyday cleavage" thing - dh really enjoys watching her and he got a huge laugh out of your photos and captions. Nice blog.

Armchair Cook said...

Wednesday - Ha! I just want to know where she gets her endless supply of v-neck shirts.

Yoshio - Thanks for visiting! All the men I know are partial to Giada (she is rather pretty when she isn't showing off her enormous choppers!).

Dharlink05 said...

OMG. this is TOO funny. i love food network and while i do watch her show, i struggle because of her enormous,teethy smile, over exposed cleavage, and HUGE HEAD!!! this is funny and so true.