Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lessons in World Domination: Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray's talk show debuted yesterday and it had the highest rated syndicated debut since Dr. Phil rode Oprah's coattails to glory back in 2002.

I haven't actually seen the show yet (I deemed season 3 of Deadwood and season 4 of The Wire to be higher priority last night), but early reviews indicate that the show is a good substitute for coffee or speed:

"Rachael Ray Show" potentially annoying

Who needs coffee when you've got Rachael Ray?

'Rachael' is a ray of hope....

I'll catch up this week and be sure to post my thoughts.

Bonus: TV Squad picked out five bizarre quotes from Rachael's recent appearance on Larry King.


Cathy K said...

It's All In The Ratings I guess

I don't understand why the Food Network keeps re-hashing the same stars. Don't get me wrong, I love Paula, Giada, Bobby, etc. as much as anyone else, but come on already... I've already seen them cook, (I think I've seen Giada slice an onion 100 times now, she's good at it) know their techniques and thoughts on food, know their wives, husbands, kids, etc. Why do I want to see them on 2 or 3 different shows?

Come on Food Network. Give us some new stars and a new view on food!!!!

Also - I see Nigella advertised to start in October. On the commercial the set looks exactly the same as was used on her show Nigella Bites.....is this really going to be a new show or another re-hash?

kitchenmage said...

somedays holidayWhereYouGetGifts comes early... Happy (whatever) Day, Armchair Cook! Yes, you may squee.