Monday, November 13, 2006

Do we need a recount? Iron Chef Superstar Battle

It was Batali and Ray versus Flay and De Laurentiis. The winner, by a thin margin, was Rachael and Mario!

Like so many things on the Food Network these days, I had a hard time getting through this show. I was alternately bored and irritated. I was going to recap this show, but JordanBaker beat me to it with this hilarious liveblog!

Rachael's manic personality served her well in this challenge. Giada seemed like she was stressed out. I did find Mario/Rachael's dishes to be slightly more appealing than Bobby/Giada's, so I can live with this verdict.

I think Flay and Giada should get a regular show together. I liked their interaction.

In other news, I still can't stand Rachael Ray.

I am a Mario Batali agnostic, though I am intrigued by the reports that he dated Courtney Love.

In general, I'd still rather hang out with Giada (and Bobby!).


Meleyna said...

a little something i found about RR:

whether or not its true, its still funny and mildly disturbing.

san-san said...

that post about Rachel the dumb ho ray was too funny!

Samantha said...

Look, a Mario Batali toy!

Sara said...

I totally agree with you: the hour was hard to get through. And I, too, like Giada best. But I can't agree with you about her and Bobby Flay. That guy seems like the most arrogant prick. He actually seemed pissed off when Mario brought those champagne cocktails to the judges, and he just made himself look like an ass by taking it so seriously.

And speaking of taking things seriously, I resent that the show was hyped as GIADA VS. RACHAEL with a teensy bit of help from Bobby and Mario. Because that's not what it ended up being at all. If you went into it thinking it was going to be Giada and Rachael's contest, you were to be sorely disappointed (as I was). They should have billed it as teams, though to be honest I thought it was really the guys running the show.

And another thing: cranberries? Okay, that is just stupid.

(By the way, they clearly know what the ingredient is going to be well beforehand. Or at least they know it's going to be one of a few options. They didn't even try to look surprised when it was unveiled.)