Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Checking in on Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray was on Oprah yesterday. She's on Oprah fairly regularly these days, as Oprah will be producing Rachael's upcoming talk show. I've covered Rachael pretty extensively in the past, but I had to take a break from her because she was driving me batty. Yesterday I tuned into Oprah to see if Rachael was still annoying, or if she had finally calmed down. Had her handlers reined her in?

Here's your answer to that question:

Rachael was as crazy as ever. She led us on a tour of the street food of NYC, and these stills are from the first 10 seconds of the segment:

Ho boy. She actually did look a lot better in that segment than the last time she was on Oprah, where she looked quite a bit heavier and had people (okay, just me) speculating that she was pregnant:

First, she takes us to get coffee. Actually, she calls it "cuppa joe" and then explains that her original term means "coffee" for the rest of us.

Rachael then takes us to get Indian food, bratwurst, and Chinese.

Standard $40 a Day or Tasty Travels nonsense.

Then Rachael was live in Oprah's studio cooking a dish called "You Won't Be Single For Long Vodka Pasta". Really:

Whatever. I keep thinking that Rachael will return to being the sweet little Food Network host we all loved so much circa 2004, but it looks like that's not going to happen.

I remember reading an article in the first issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray where Rachael says that she hardly eats and instead smokes and drinks coffee all day long (and we all know how she loves her wine). While she looks good for 37, she can hardly keep this up forever:

And all the she rasps like she's developed a three-pack-a-day habit. Really, it's closer to "respiratory problem" than "sexy".

I will continue to hope that Rachael's overexposure will abate and her personality will go back to normal. After all, I used to like Rachael! Unfortunately, I must continue my Rachael hiatus for now. Until she straightens out, I say, "Peace out, Rachael!"

P.S. It's pretty bad when the Rachael Ray segment was the second weirdest part of the Oprah show:


celebchef said...

You are so correct. I caught an episode of $40 a day the other night from 2002. Compared to back then, now she is so haggard and Mariah Carey-ish. She'll check herself in soon for exhaustion.

sammi said...

I think rachael rays bubbly personality is a positive thing what's so wrong with being happy with life.She has a new show A new husband And alot more to come I would think I would be bubbly and ready to burst too. give her a break already.

MSH said...

Except this is not's an act. As evidenced by the articles linked in the post. I've never looked at a truly happy person and, that person is acting disingenuously, and doesn't seem particuarly healthy. I, that person looks happy. But obviously, it's all a matter of perception. Some people see one thing, others do or don't see another.

Karsh said...

She's hopped up on goofballs, I tell ya.

books said...

I couldn't agree more! When RR first came on, I was watching and never missed. Now, I rarely watch. Seems the best of her is gone. It's always best when ya catch people before they get in the "machine."

JordanBaker said...

It's good that she's unpuffed a bit before the new book comes out at the end of the month. . .

Ruby said...

I never liked Rachael. I wondered who she was and why she had her own show. Seems like a take off from Martha. Now she looks horrible as I watch her talk to Carol Burnett. Take her off the network, ABC!!!

sandra said...

i can't believe all the people on here that have nothing good to say about anyone. i hope they realize that people are probably talking about them in the same way. why can't if you don't like something or someone, you just stay away or don't watch that program and find something that will make you happy or interest you. if you can't say something nice=DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL