Friday, March 10, 2006

Paula Deen, the Butter Queen

We all know Paula likes her some butter. But drinking melted butter? This is Fear Factor-style!

I'm just afraid that if Paula keeps this up, she may have to contact Sandra Lee for a good bypass surgeon.

(Images TVGasm)


Mona said...

Oh no she di-ihn't! Yowsas!! i've never seen her show but maybe i should start tuning in:)

Cori said...

oh wow I do love Paula Deen! Did you see her special on Food Network tuesday night? She just seems like a great person, butter licker or not. heh heh

Matt said...
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Matt said...

Does anyone know what episode this was on? Anything that would help me track it down would be very helpful. What she made the ep., etc.

If you have any ideas please e-mail me at

Want to show it on the TV show I work on.

Thanks in advance for any leads!

sage said...

Oh I agree with you regarding Paula Deen; though she cooks great stuff, her disregard for healthy alternatives, at least once in a while, is appalling. Love your blog!

to your good health,