Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Next Food Network Star: Which Guy Won?

On April 5, I predicted:
I'll be surprised if Guy doesn't win this thing. He's arrogant, loud, and obnoxious, but he's the only one out of the 8 contestants that seems remotely camera-ready. He's Emeril with a bad bleach job. This entire competition just seems like a formality before they give Guy his own show.
On April 12, I said:
I still think this entire show is a run-up to Guy's evenutal coronation.
On April 19, I wrote:
I think Guy will end up having his own nationally televised cooking show either way.
It's not like I was alone in feeling like Guy was way ahead of the pack. Anyone who watched more than 10 minutes of any episode would see that Guy was the clear front runner. Even the Food Network gave Guy prime placement in its print ads:

For those who haven't seen the finale yet, I think you can see what I'm getting at. Meet The Next Food Network Star.


Danielle said...

I couldn't see how Reggie would win. He was hot/cold and Guy was pretty consistent.

BTW, I never ever claimed to be a food professional. I just know what I like to watch and it would definately not be Reggie.

MSH said...

No 38-year-old man should have their hair in blonde spikes.

Also, I thought Guy's cooking in the final was nasty. If I went over to someone's house, and they offered me turkey pasta and something called a Breathmint Pie, I'd respectfully decline. What, did a 12-year-old come up with that menu? Where's the ice cream soup?

Glad someone else noticed Paula Deen's Abdulesque malaise. Maybe it's just something about being named Paula and judging a reality show contest, but Paula D. is drifting afield and fast becoming a bit of caricature. I predict a televised crying fit in the near future, or a Chappelle-like sudden disappearance.

Mitchell G said...

I would not watch a show by any of the over-the-top obnoxious contestants for this show. My thoughts on the last contestants:

Nate- fake disgusting cheeseball who is WAYYYY too full of himself. he always told fake stories that didn't make sense.

Carissa- I thought she was a decent cook, but her fake personality and Rachael-esque catchphrases "let's get crazy" or "it's gonna be beautiful" or her repitition of the theme (the word "love" in the cupcake demo) are awful.

Reggie- I'm sorry but I don't want to watch someone that fat cook something. Also, I thought his personality could have been the worst with his WWAAAAYYYYYY over the top use of the word "sassy" or "girls". Someone needs to tell him that's not funny. At all. In fact, when I watch him, I cringe. My entire body cringes out of embarrassment for him. Also, someone needs to find him a bra for men.

Guy- Cocky bastard. And not that great of a cook. Definitely the most palatable of the final contestants, but I would never watch his show.

In fact, the only show I might watch: Reggie's... what can I say: I like watching trainwrecks. (Which I think is the Food Network's goal with their overuse of Rachael, Sandra Lee, Paula, etc.)

Tom said...

I just hope we aren't subjected to watching this show each year. You know the contestant quality is going to steadily decline.

Can you imagine people worse then Jess, Beth, Nathan, or more boring than Andy?

Or more annoyingly in your face flamboyantly gay/obese then Reggie?

Danielle said...

I know this is a food network site, but does anyone catch "Top Chef"? Great show that showcases talent. This show is the show Food Network should be putting out.

celebchef said...

Danielle, I agree, Top Chef is infinitely more entertaining.