Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Food Network Tidbits

  • First off, welcome to everyone who's come over from Something So Clever. Alicat runs a tight ship over there, and I'm honored to be featured!
  • Alton Brown updated his site. The blog is long gone, but those of you who find my site while searching for "alton brown is hot" and "alton brown sexiest man 2005" should be pleased with his new photos.

  • I haven't written about Dan and Steve yet, mainly because I haven't been able to sit through one of their shows, but I hate to say anything negative about them. They seem like genuinely nice guys and I wish them the best with this incredible opportunity. It seems lots of people enjoy watching them, because their show has been renewed for another 13 episodes. Hey, when did they change the name to Party Line with The Hearty Boys?

  • Obviously this doesn't apply to anyone reading this blog, but for anyone who doesn't have a computer to access to Food Network's recipes on the web, they have a toll-free customer service number: 1-800-565-FOOD. I'm going to give this info to an aunt who will probably start calling them 5 times a day!

  • A helpful commenter just directed me to Curtis Aikens' site. I'd never heard of the guy before, but apparently he's been with Food Network since its inception. His recipes are vegetarian and I love the emphasis on tropical fruits and veggies. He has some holiday recipes as well.

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Alicat said...

Ugh! I'm dissapointed that the blog is gone from Alton's page. I am guessing since you mentioned it, that you read about the photo's people sent in to him, and his response?

I wonder if that is the reason for bagging the any event, it is a real shame for AB lovers like me, who loved hearing commentary straight from the horses mouth. ;)

And the point with Dan and Steve - When they were in the runnings during the competition, that was the name of their catering company (the hearty boys). I noticed the other day that the opening sequence on their show displayed 'the hearty boys' instead of party line (did it ever show up as party line, i wonder?)

I like them quite a bit, although I do find myself feeling embarassed if someone else sits down to watch the show with me.

I am just over all of the 'entertaining' type shows. Ya know? Entertaining with Michael Chiarello. Party Line. I know there are more, but I can't think of them right now. (One word: Tablescapes) Just the sort of shows where they are making recipes for a huge group of people. But that is there shtick I guess. I suppose I could just resize the recipe proportions and shut up right? lol