Monday, June 26, 2006

Food Network Tidbits

Some new Food Network shows are coming up. Clearly, Food Network cannot have too many travelling shows or party/bash shows.

Guy's Big Bite - Sunday, June 25

Anyone catch this? I was TiVoing something else and missed it (God help me and my addiction to the modern Western). Did Guy deliver?

Road Tasted - Tuesday, July 11

Jamie and Bobby Dean travels around the country to find good people, tasty food, and butter reserves for their mama. (Until a few weeks ago this was known as Two for the Road.)

Throwdown with Bobby Flay - Thursday, July 13

Bobbly Flay travels around the country to find good people, tasty food, and amateur chefs to challenge in surprise cook-offs. Bloghungry nailed this one.

Feasting on Asphalt - Saturday, July 29

Alton Brown travels around the country to find good people, tasty food, and a contract with another network. To distinguish this from all the other travelling food shows, Alton will travel by motorcycle.

Paula's Cooking Party - September 2006

With a talk show format, Paula will split her time between her hometown of Savannah, Georgia and travelling around the country to find good people, tasty food, and her mojo.

Nigella Feasts - September 2006

Nigella has finally been lured to the Food Network for this show. Based on her bestselling book, Nigella Feasts is about "celebrating family, public holidays and private passions". Just as long as she doesn't leave out Flag Day.

Iron Chef America: All Star Battle - November 2006

Flay/de Laurentiis vs. Batali/Ray. Enough said.


James said...

I saw Guy's show and was rather underwhelmed. He still comes across as a bit too much of a yahoo for me.

And really: does dolling up Tater Tots count as a recipe? Even Sandra Lee would have been a bit embarassed.

I'm not sure the network has that much confidence in him either: 10am on a Sunday morning?

Cori said...

I didn't catch Guy's show...didn't think it was on so early in the AM. I'm not that worried about it honestly...

I am really lookig forward to Alton's new show. I really think it will be kind of like Good Eats, just in other settings. That's fine with me. He is a genius.

Nigella seems like a Giada type thing to me, but with a smaller head and maybe bigger boobs? Not sure.

I'm not sure either about Paula's show. It's like a southern Emeril live. Maybe. Yuck?

Elaine wanna-be said...

I did catch Guy's show. What a bore. I agree with james, the tater tot recipe? Gimme a break. I won't be watching it again.

I didn't realize the FoodNetwork had so many travel shows until your post. Wow. How many travel/food shows does one need?

books said...

Hey good to see ya back! I love your blogs! Man, I can't believe all these travelling shows! I guess the ratings are high for them, but it's not from me.

JordanBaker said...

I totally want the English Muffin t-shirt.

Michelle said...

Nigella's show is the only one I'm looking forward to. The others...personality is great, but it's all about the food for me. I'm sick of seeing the same overexposed people and/or the no-talent hacks.

Bloghungry said...

Speaking of cooking show premieres, have you guys seen the Bloghungry pilot episode on!