Thursday, October 20, 2005

Food Network recipes I have tried

I sometimes see dishes that look so good I jump online and get the recipes. Now, if the Food Network only had a vegetarian cooking show....

  • Pasta Primavera from Giadadada de Laurentiiiiiis - Hey, I don't like her. But I never said I wouldn't use her recipes. I added fresh roasted pine nuts and it turned out great.
  • Garlic Bread from Michael Chiarello - This is a massive hit at my house. It honestly never occurred to me that I could make garlic bread that is just as good as the kind at the bakery. I used to use some kind of scary garlic spread that contained a ton of preservatives and gave me migraines. Never again.
  • Sauteed fresh corn from this episode of Barefoot Contessa- Another easy one that never occurred to me. Why spend 20 minutes flossing after you eat corn on the cob, when you can just shave off the corn into a skillet and saute it with butter, salt and pepper?
  • Seven Onion Soup from Emeril - We go through a couple onions a week at our house, so this was another big hit. I substituted vegetable stock for chicken stock and skipped the bacon to make it vegetarian.
  • Smashed Potatoes and Cream Cheese from Rachael Ray - This is the only recipe I've gotten from the Food Network that wasn't good. Like most of Rachael Ray's dishes it could have been invented by stoners with a limited list of ingredients. Actually, looking at the recipe now it sounds pretty nasty, but I was PMSing at the time and was craving some fat and carbs. The cream cheese and potato combo kind of tasted like spoiled milk. For the record, I put Miracle Whip in my mashed potatoes and they have gotten rave reviews from all corners of the world.
  • Easter Bunny Cake from Sandra Lee - Ha! Just kidding. But my boyfriend and I made fun of this cake for days after seeing it on tv. It was out of control. It looked like this except it was bigger and more ornate and came with a cocktail on the side.

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