Sunday, October 16, 2005

Giadadada de Laurentiiiiiiiiiiis drives me crazy. Her food looks alright, but does she own anything other than v-neck shirts?

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Look at how big her head is!

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Her smile is so weird. It's huge and fake looking and a perfect rectangle. I think she has 92 teeth.

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Holy crap, TVGasm is doing Giada Watch 2005, complete with hilarious stills and daily assessments of Giadadada's resemblance to Natalie Portman.

I guess you can get away with looking a little crazy when your father is film producer Dino de Laurentiiiiiiis, who has produced 155 films, according to IMDB .


littleangelkisses said...

I'm wiping tears away from laughing so hard. You have it pegged exactly! But, you forgot her hands, those eerily small, almost "little person" hands!

Teah said...

Let's not forget that enormous wobbly head. I can't watch this gnome, sick of looking at her tits and that que-b smile.

Tangeelala said...

We refer to her as "Bobble Head" and "Little Miss Bares Her Teeth". Remember how the Little Miss and Little Mr. Character were giant jellybean heads on stick figure bodies? :D

chef tell said...

Why does Robin Miller always 'blow on her food' before tasting it ? I mean if your two years old -ok!!! Didn't mom teach you proper etiquette 101 !!! This I could understand from Rachael Ray but appauled anyone would do it in their own home never mind in front of thousands of viewers.

Dave said...

Just recently announced she's got a bun in the oven due next Spring..

Jenny said...

I kind of like her. She seems sincere, and her food looks pretty decent.

She's not anywhere near annoying as Sandra Lee.

johnshields1962 said...

Giada de laurentis is as phony as the day is long ! I feel sorry for her poor hubby ! He sit's there like a trained seal & does what he's told ! lol That crazed-psychotic smile of hers gives me the creeps ! And when she has guests ( food network funded of course ! you know she does'nt have any real friends ! ) She goes into control-freak mode ! ( watch her next time she has kids on her show ) You know she hates kids ! lol !!!

cali said...

First of all, Dino is Giada's Grandfather, not her Father. Sounds like the green-eyed monster is rearing it's head around these parts. Wonder what you all see when you look in the mirror! Of course, Giada is a perfectionist, but "creepy"? Hardly, and her hubby looks perfectly happy to be where he is. And yes, she is very tiny, but that makes her no less of a woman, Food Network Star, and brand new Mom!