Monday, October 24, 2005

From the Kitchen to Hollywood

Paula Deen just made her acting debut in Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown. Food Network reminded us of this every 10 minutes by airing commercials for a special called Paula Deen Goes to Hollywood. I get plenty Paula from Paula's Home Cooking, so I skipped the special.

Emeril Lagasse has probably appeared in the most non-Food Network shows, including his short-lived 2001 sitcom "Emeril". Again, I remember heavy promotion for this show and, again, I didn't watch it. Emeril also appeared in Elmo's Magic Cookbook.

Weird: Did you know that Bobby Flay appears in a 2005 film called Social Grace? The IMDB doesn't show much about this movie, but Flay appears as himself and it costars Lewis Black and Margaret Cho.

Weirder: Mario Batali has a cryptic credit for the 1993 Matthew Broderick film The Night We Never Met. I've never heard of this movie. Mario is listed as "cook: Sam's cooking". Does that mean he prepared all the food for "Sam"?

Weirdest: Looks like Alton Brown got started as a steadycam operator on Spike Lee's 1988 feature School Daze.

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Also weird: the three main Food Network hotties (Rachael Ray, Sandra Lee and Giadadada de Laurentiiiiiiis) have nothing in the pipeline, according to IMDB. How long until Rachael Ray reprises a Sally Field role?

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Ray Hernandez said...

Don't forget about Emeril being a mutant on Futurama. BAAM!